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GOC Guide to Crypto-Currencies & How to Easily Set-Up Your Own Crypto-Currency Exchange Account

Besides accepting the standard credit and debit cards plus bank-wires for our services we also gladly accept Crypto-Currencies such as the well-known Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, XRP and others.

I am not going to get into all the details here about  Crypto-Currencies as it would take multiple pages to do so and if you want or need that, there are numerous sources of information on the net. 

The purpose of this guide is to help you with a brief understanding of Crypto-Currencies and how to get up and running with your own Crypto-Currency account and wallet within about an hour after reading my guide.

[As a disclaimer - I am not a financial advisor, nor an expert in Crypto-Currencies. I am a business consultant that does extensive research into many things, including Crypto-Currencies for our personal and business use and share this research in a effort to expose you to a wonderful (that will soon become a mainstream way) method of holding and spending Crypto-Currencies.  While I am a novice trader,  this information should not be construed as trading or investment advise.]

While there are many Crypto-Currencies available there is a core of what are known as the top 10.  For the purpose of our guide you will see mentions of several of these including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, XLM, LiteCoin and others...

Get a PDF copy of our "GOC Guide to Crypto-Currencies & How to Easily Set-Up Your Own Crypto-Currency Exchange Account" as a PDF by clicking one of the payment methods noted below and we'll send you a link to get your copy today.



PayPal Card, PayPal Credit or Major Credit/Debit Cards

... or by Cash App


We'll issue a $25.00 credit to you against future purchases from GOC when payment is made using accepted Crypto-Currency payment methods.

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