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MONDAY, May 10, 2021

I am not a financial advisor and this posting does not constitute financial advice - ok, with that disclaimer out of the way...

Did you think the only thing going on in the world was about covid and the fake pandemic and weaponized fake vaccine?

Oh, grasshopper!

You have only a window - a very short time period (I estimate) to get some foreign currency prior to the US Reset...  no, no, no, don't look at the current exchange rate between VN Dong and the USD, you will want to kick me - the reset is coming and frankly we don't even know what the ratio will be set out - but we know it will be pretty good.

So, go and get some Dong and then stay turned to the real media - no, not the msm.

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Thursday, 4.29.2021

We are aware of a number of food companies where ownership and/or senior management has made the ill advise decision to attempt to force their employees to get the Covid-19 Experimental Drug that is being paraded by many medical "professionals", BIG PHARMA and even so-called health agencies such as the NIH and CDC as a VACCINE.

This force comes in the form of informing employees that if they do not get the shot, they will be fired and/or the employer is pouring it on heavily with making the shots available right at the place of employment or providing incentives to those employees that get the shot.

At this point in time we know the Pandemic was planned, we know the virus itself was never isolated, that the actual effects of CV-19 (if it actually exists) is no more than the flu or bad cold.

The idea was simple - work for 20 years on a plan to bring about full control of the world's population by what the elites of the world call the New World Order.  In the process roll out a virus, hype it big time by doctors, so-called medical professionals, agencies and add massive FEAR programming by Media!

Tell people it's a virus, tell them it's airborne, tell them to stay away from other people, tell them to lock themselves in their homes - tell them they will have to get their temperature checked before even being allowed to enter the food company they work for and make them stay apart, make them wear masks and make them sanitize those hands as often as possible.

You've been brainwashed and programmed by Media.

At this point during this whole world-wide deep state black swan false flag New World Order de-population event we know that the FDA in the United States only approved on an emergency basis an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG that is NOT a VACCINE.

In fact, if  you listen to the FDA spokesperson below you will find that the FDA will not approve a COVID VACCINE, yes that is right - what you are pushing right now on your employees is an emergency approved gene therapy drug that is causing havoc with people from killing them within a day, to miss-carriages, stillbirths and as the article states here  the drug was intended as a de-population drug as it was created by the very people that want to bring about a massive reduction on the population by about 90%.

When you tell your employees they must get the VACCINE - you are guilty of lying and pushing employees to get a shot will (not may) result in being charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

No one can tell me at this point that they do not realize what they are doing in promoting a deep state experimental drug knowing full well the ramifications of your actions.

... if you don't - then do some damn research - because your actions can result in people dying.


As the company that provides a means of income to  your employees for the good work they do, you hold a position of power...  many employees will see your requirement and buckle under and do as you say, they don't want to get fired or be shunned by those that do get the shot - because of the over-reach of the employer.

I can not think of a worse thing than knowing this experimental drug has nothing to do with being a vaccine and then making employees get it.

Crimes Against Humanity.














SUNDAY, 4.25.2021

I can truly say that CBD has been and is a great way of ending my migraine headaches, eliminating back and neck pain, helped to get rid of colds faster and aids in my health and well being.

It was about five years ago that I first heard of CBD OIL from a man I met at a business meeting in the New Jersey, he just could not get over the benefits and how it works differently for many people.

He wanted me to join him in a business venture called HEMPWORX which I turned down believing that HEMP automatically meant it came from CANNABIS -- or what is called WEED, POT, SMOKE, ETC. and I further believed that it would soon be outlawed and if anything taken over by big pharma...

I was so wrong...

You can read all about how CBD oil is made here   in a nutshell it is derived from what is know as industrial HEMP, basically the same plant that companies use in the manufacturing of microgreen hemp mats and rope.  

My concern five years ago was that it could get me "high" and I sure didn't want that --- well, had I listened more, researched more and tried it out I would have found that in fact the maximum allowable limit for THC (what could produce a high effect) in full spectrum CBD is 0.03%.

NOW, as mentioned before there are benefits to taking it and those benefits vary from person to person, and BIG PHARMA does see this item making inroads on them - let's face it, there are many natural/organic plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers that benefit people's health and if there is a way for BIG PHARMA to take these items off the market or manipulate them so they can be patented they are hot on it.  

But, you can not patent natural, but they keep trying to take it from over-the-counter to being a drug so they can control it.

Right now, it is the people that control it - and we'd like to keep it that way so everyone benefits.

After doing my research, I did try CBD Oil about three years ago and while I could not find the gentleman that first attempted to turn me onto CBD and a business involving it I would go on to distributing it as it had helped me so greatly.

We had a small business in Panama and while CBD derived from HEMP was now legal for harvesting and sale in the United States many other countries including Panama looked at it as being a drug.  Our business in Panama was a logistics business where we assisted mostly Ex-Pats to import their packages from companies like eBay, Amazon, Mercola, etc.

As time went on, there were very few days in a row that we were not asked if we could import CBD for someone due to back pain, or neck, joint paint, headaches, well being, etc. and it pained me that I had to say NO, because Panama checks the contents of all packages and will surely stop this from coming in - and you will be out that money.

Then, one day a man came in and said he had a friend that had Parkinson's and had heard that I was distributor for CBD Oil - news travels very quickly.

I said yes, and he said I know that is pushing it with Panama, but I'm willing to run the gauntlet if you are, I really want to help my friend and I've heard CBD oil can help out greatly.

I stood there for a moment and then the renegade hat came out and said yes, I'll sell you a couple bottles of 1500 Full Spectrum CBD Tinture (comes with a dropper to place a dose under the tongue) Oil to try out, let's see if we can get it thru customs.

Here I was thinking there might be government people visiting me for importing an illegal drug, but Panama in the meantime changed their stance and was now accepting CBD imports but on a very limited basis.  

Long-story short is that three bottles were delivered to our location about three weeks later and he started giving his friend 3 droppers a day - his friend's shaking substantially went down, his speech substantially improved and he began eating normally again - A BIG WIN in my book, this made me cry for joy!

And, crying for joy because of someone's success with CBD where nothing else seemed to work became a routine thing.

There was the man from the David, Panama area that grew rice and had back pain - virtually eliminated and my own story continues to this day with the elimination of almost daily back and neck pain and substantially better well being and good health overall.

Oh, by the way I am barred from telling you how CBD will improve your health, I can only tell you how it has improved mine and some others in general, thus my suggestion that you at least try a bundle of HEMPWORX CBD products  and find out for yourself to see if it is worth it for you. To do that go here

Upon departure from Panama I gave our CBD customers links to order their own CBD, as we returned to the states and while I continued with my consulting business I was not building a CBD business - thus, I continued to get CBD for myself.

Just a couple of months ago I saw that one of the people that I respect had benefited from CBD and was offering others to partner with him in a company called HEMPWORX

This was actually the company that the gentleman from five years ago told me about, but I could not find him again - thus I made the decision to become a distributor with this company, get a bundle of of their products that included 750mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, Gummies with 25mg each in them, a nice cream lotion for my wife, a box of coffee sticks that are full strength coffee with 5mg of CBD in each stick along with a helping of Changa mushroom powder - this coffee is great!

Buying the bundle entitled me to also become a distributor and now here I am once again marketing CBD products for good health and it will soon become a business as well for us.

Please note that you are not required to partner with us to make a purchase, but if you do see good benefits I highly suggest you consider it a side-passive (or more) business venture - there is nothing more exciting to be in a business that helps people by providing great products and services and as a side benefit you get paid for your promotional efforts.

This is how I look at our consulting business, HEMPWORX and our two additional new ventures coming online soon.

So, take a look at the bundle below - go to our HEMPWORX site, place your order - try everything - then decide if you'd like to turn your good fortune into a business!

Thank you, Glenn






MONDAY, 4.19.2021

After 13 years of being an SQF Consultant I was reminded of how it all started and how three people would influence my decision to go from working for an AUDITING company as an SQF AUDITOR to being fully self-employed as an SQF CONSULTANT.

An Auditor will tell you - when asked - that he/she is basically a highly-skilled reporter.  The Auditor follows a set format and is required in a very black and white manner to report issues.  The Auditor's work is not to include advising the food, packaging or logistics/food storage facility how to go about fixing the issue.

I always obeyed that requirement and after conducting over 3,000 audits in almost all the states of America and many sections of Canada I had learned a great deal about how to fix things, what to install, how best to talk with people about their companies, etc... but as an Auditor I was bound by professional ethics code to be an AUDITOR and not a CONSULTANT.

It was at Mother Parker Coffee & Tea in Dallas, Texas while walking down the hallway on the way to the men's room that I would be stopped by Denny Paytner, the Operations partner for the company and he said - you know, you have a tremendous of experience and knowledge to offer as a CONSULTANT - you really need to look into that, companies need SQF but many don't know how to go about putting these systems together or for that matter even finding the time to assemble the documentation and get direction from experienced people such as yourself - consider it...

I thanked him for the compliment and mentioned what he said to my spouse, who said - well, gee haven't I been saying this for a while and I had even approached the company I worked for as an Auditor to offer my services as a Consultant so they could benefit from an additional source of business and income... they decided against it.  BIG MISTAKE.

My spouse said, you really need to do this - the time is right, you've already gotten SQFI to support you by qualifying you for high-risk in all the 28 food sector categories that you hold as an SQF AUDITOR and let's face it, having been an SQF AUDITOR will be a major value add to the clients because they get the best of both worlds.

I left the auditing company and started Glenn Oster Consulting, LLC (which now is changing it's name to the GOC Group) and never looked back except to send every single contact from my Auditing days an email announcing our new endeavor and from those emails came the foundation of our business and we have spring-boarded from there -- still, 13 years later we get referrals, many have come from Tim Hite, the Director of Quality Assurance with Crusts Unlimited of Osseo, Wisconsin  - Tim has been a long-term eConsultant client for every year since we began.

There's a whole story about Tim and my relationship that started with AUDITING for Supervalu and helping them with putting together their SQF programs -- if you are about to engage us, just ask.

After all these years I still love SQF Consulting - I get to tell people what is wrong and then how to go about fixing it. There is no greater satisfaction than helping a company become SQF Certified and staying that way.

The greatest support, helper, cheerleader and friend as well as partner -- is my wife Linda.

Times in my own business have not always been wonderful and more than a couple of times we have had long-time delays between income - but I feel truly blessed that my Creator blessed me with Linda.















































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