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As someone that literally grew up in the restaurant business, I fondly remember standing on a wooden milk crate with an oversized-chef hat on and stirring a pot of soup. No one was surprised that I went on to become a Professional Chef with Hilton, or that since then, my involvement in the food industry continued in auditing and consulting with international hotels and restaurants, auditing and providing training on food safety with national chains, as well as becoming an SQF Auditor with twenty-EIGHT (28) food sector categories, plus ethical sourcing. As an SQF Consultant, I have attained and bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and a keep-it-simple attitude to our clients.

​Our intent was not to become the biggest and most profitable consulting company; it was simply to be the best at serving the needs of our clients -- this we have achieved and continue to strive for daily.

​We can make the SQF certification process -- development, implementation, training and audit support -- so much easier and faster so you can focus more on what you do best -- making, packaging & delivering quality food products safely while profiting and protecting your business. 

As an SQF Consultant we help small to mid-sized food, packaging and logistic companies to co-develop documented and certifiable SQF Food Safety Management Systems and provide consulting during implementation in order to achieve certification within a relatively short period of time.

We work directly with ownership & senior management to ascertain capital and operational improvements that may be needed in order to become SQF Certified.

Ten years ago when we started out, all of our work was conducted entirely on-site. Five years ago we started conducting half of our work on-site and the balance out of our office.  Fast forward to today, ALL of our development work is done on a remote basis thus eliminating costly travel and travel related expenses.

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We look forward to serving you.


Glenn Oster​

Course + Exam + Certificate = $70
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