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Our Story and How We Can Help You and Your Company

As someone that literally grew up in the restaurant business, I fondly remember standing on a wooden milk crate with an oversized-chef hat on and stirring a pot of soup. No one was surprised that I went on to become a Professional Chef with Hilton, or that since then, my involvement in the food industry continued in auditing and consulting with international hotels and restaurants, auditing and providing training on food safety with national chains, as well as becoming an SQF, BRC & IFS Auditor with twenty-EIGHT (28) food sector categories, plus ethical sourcing. As an SQF Consultant, I have attained and bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and a keep-it-simple attitude to our clients.

​Our intent was not to become the biggest and most profitable consulting company; it was simply to be the best at serving the needs of our clients -- this we have achieved and continue to strive for daily.

For more than 14 years we have offered full system developments - this entailed being on-site for upwards of 30 days to review your entire operation and infrastructure in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of SQF and then writting an entire SQF documentation system, helping your staff to implement and finally helping your company to get SQF certified.

The one major change that we have made is that we no longer are on-site at a company (thus eliminating all travel and travel related expenses) to do our work - our work for your engagement is done 100% on a remote basis out of our office.

With today's high-quality video and voice communications we find doing business this way saves a tremendous amount of money for the client and seriously limits the amount of stress placed on consultants having to deal with the rigors of travel and being away from home for extended periods of time.

When you engage us to handle your SQF documentation development we will take up to 30 days to complete the system and then help your staff thru our eConsultant program to conduct a three to four month implementation period (which creatively can be reduced) and then have your first of two SQF Audits.

​Ultimately  we can make the SQF certification process -- development, implementation, training and audit support -- so much easier and faster so you can focus more on what you do best -- making, packaging, storing & delivering quality food products safely while profiting and protecting your business. 

Kind regards,

Glenn Oster

Principal Consultant

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